The Rowdy- Exclusive Interview: Lucy Angel on 'The Bachelor' and 'I'd Be Lyin'


The Rowdy had a chance to catch up with the ladies of Lucy Angel, the country mother/daughter trio of Kate, Lindsay and Emily, to discuss their recent performance on the hit television show, 'The Bachelor." That performance turned their song, "I'd Be Lyin'," into an overnight success on iTunes. Rowdy wanted to know how it came about and if the girls planned on releasing the song as a single. First, Rowdy sat down to talk with Lindsay to discuss their success.

The Rowdy (Rowdy): Hi Lindsay, how have you been?

Lucy Angel (LA): I'm good, really good.

Rowdy: You're an Arizona girl - how do you like the snow?

LA: It has been really nice. Actually, I was born in Utah.

Rowdy: A Utah girl.

LA: I was born in Utah and we lived there for a few years and then we moved to Arizona so I know snow but I am a warm weather girl. I like the warm weather.

Rowdy: How is the baby?

LA: She is awesome, she just turned 3 and she is excited about snow today.

Rowdy: Is she bundled up and has she been out?

LA: We wanted to wait until it stopped snowing.

Rowdy: Is she looking out the window?

LA: Oh she has been looking out the window. She wants to go. I told her as soon as I am done we will bundle up and go.

Rowdy: It is magical to a 3-year-old.

LA: I am sure. It is magical to me.

Rowdy: You are seeing everything through her eyes so it makes it all that more special.

LA: Oh absolutely. Christmas was amazing because this was her first Christmas where she really understood and we did the whole elf on a shelf thing for the entire month.

Rowdy: It is just wonderful to watch them learn and grow and she's just so cute. We recently saw a video with her on Anthony's lap and she was singing?

LA: That was the sweetest thing ever. She had been learning Christmas songs during the holidays and Jingle Bells is the first song that she was singing all the way through. So we had actually opened for Anthony and I thought about getting her up there but he brought her up there with him. I was nervous that she was going to get stage fright or something but she totally was a pro. Almost before he even said, "sing a song," she was singing into the microphone. It was like she was looking at the audience playing to the audience and it's like she knew exactly what she was supposed to be doing.

Rowdy: She has it in her blood. It's inevitable.

LA: Yeah.

Rowdy: You know both parents. That's amazing. So tell us about Lucy Angel singing, "I'd Be Lyin'," during "The Bachelor."

LA: Oh yes. That was so awesome.

Rowdy: That's a popular Lucy Angel song.

LA: I agree. That song is the most reactive song that really touches so many people out there. We didn't know what song they were going to play. We sang a couple of songs during filming. We sang "Crazy Too," "I'd Be Lyin'," and "Stripes." They were making out to all of it. "I'd Be Lyin' was probably the most appropriate one. It is interesting because they didn't play the whole song but we are getting a lot of response from even just a short clip that they played. People are saying, "What was that song?" I feel like it would be a great single.

Rowdy: The way that you three present the song is phenomenal. You start out with a great song and a great song can still flop if people are not presenting it right.

LA: I totally agree. I appreciate that compliment.

Rowdy: The song is a perfect fit for you three. Can't you just imagine women all over the country driving to work or home from work with that song on the radio singing that song at the top of their lungs?

LA: Yeah, yeah. We knew it was a special song when we heard it. I don't know one person who hasn't been through some kind of a heartbreak and I think one of the amazing things about the song is that it validates that heartache but it also shows you that there is a new day and that there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope that you will get through this. I love that it is a positive spin heartache song.

Rowdy: It is time to say hi to Kate (your Mom) for a minute. Hi Kate, how have you been?

LA: I've been great.

Rowdy: How exciting was it that "I'd be Lyin," went to #26 overnight on iTunes?

LA: Yeah, that was surprising and very exciting with it happening overnight. It would have been awesome if they could have heard the whole thing but that is pretty dang good for thirty seconds of a song.

Rowdy: Well you know how they could hear the whole thing? Release it as a single! Is Emily around so we can get her feedback as well?

LA: Hello.

Rowdy: Hi Emily, How cool is it that "I'd be Lyin," did so well overnight on iTunes?

LA: I know and you know through all the songs that we have been playing over the years, if you had to ask me which song gets the most response or the most people being touched by a song or ending up in tears over a song, "I'd be Lyin'," is such a powerful song that I think speaks to so many people. It has been frustrating over the years that we haven't released it as a single. You hear that you can't release a ballad as your first single because nobody plays a ballad but in our gut we know that it is a special song and it was very very cool.

Rowdy: And look at Cam and Burning House. Sometimes you have to listen to your own instincts and you have all seen the audience reaction during live shows.

LA: Yes.

Rowdy: If somebody is acting that way sitting in public in an audience, how do you think they are going to be reacting to the song while driving in their car?

LA: Yes. It is cool because it was five or six days after The Bachelor" aired and we still have people tweeting us about it. It's just cool that people responded after hearing literally only 30 seconds of the song.

From here, we spoke about several more things but everyone wanted to get out in the snow and play so we said our goodbyes. You can check out a full live version of Lucy Angel performing an acoustic version of "I'd Be Lyin'" by clicking the video above.

You can head over to iTunes and download it, and to find out where Lucy Angel is going to be next, visit their website and like them on Facebook.

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